China in Sign and Symbol

Browsing through my book shelves earlier today, I came across this lovely old book on Chinese signboards, written in 1926 by Louise Crane (with decorations by Kent Crane).  Editions retaining the distinctive dust jacket are quite rare and command high prices.

Shanghai: Kelly & Walsh, Ltd. MCMXXVI

Shanghai: Kelly & Walsh, Ltd. MCMXXVI

The book contains many illustrations of signs used by shops and tradesmen, including these ones which relate to paper-making. (1)Book dedications come in many different forms, some very personal, others cryptic or even inspiring.  The dedication at the front of this book is beautifully written and contains all three of these elements.

I assume from the wording that the dedication is to Louise Crane’s brother – was that Kent Crane, the illustrator of the book?

Searching the Internet has revealed very little about either of the Cranes, which is surprising considering the quality of the writing and illustrations.  I would be grateful if anyone could provide any information at all about them.